Napa Valley California Non-Profit
Napa Valley California Non-Profit
Napa Valley California Non-Profit
Napa Valley California Non-Profit

Casa Nuestra Winery

Meritage Association

Sunny Acres Bed & Breakfast

Grammercy Records I did all of the album covers there as well.

(under construction) To be the largest wine information site on the Internet. Including every winery in the world. (under construction) Dedicated to viral marketing. (
(under construction) Video's of winemakers tasting and showing off their wine
Here are a couple links to a video that I made that will be on this site.
Lower quality for low bandwith user (35 megs). Highbandwith user (60 megs) (under construction) Streaming radio.
"Music to sip wine by" (
(under construction)


Aardwolf Marketing This was the core site.
(Double 'A' name designed to come up high in directories)

Below, are screenshots of my network of Napa Valley related sites that were designed to come up high in the search engines (& did). This allowed me to become an ad broker charging $20 cpm's for highly targeted ads. Click here to see the ads that were being run.

Click to enlarge the screen shots of these sites.
None of them are still live. I moved on to bigger & better things.
Also in my ad network were a host of other Napa related sites that came up high in the search engines & belonged to other people.
I placed the ads (& sometimes my search engine) on their sites and gave them half of the $20 cpm's.

The 'OGG' sites

In 2000, the Vorbis company came out with a new music compression called "Ogg".
It was (is) a much better compression than MP3. It should have been the next 'big thing'.
I purchased about 40 great domain names dealing with Ogg and built websites for them. Unfortunately, Vorbis had a lack of funding due to the Dot com crash, as well as legal threats from the powerhouse Fraunhofer (creator of MP3). The format never 'took off' and I eventually
let the domains go.
Here are screen shots of a few of them. They were all Flash animated.


This list will grow as I dig through my archives and pull out sites that are no longer online for one reason or another.

The first REAL Spam Free Email


Built by Dan Barrett
Internet Marketing